Server Monitoring
Our hosted software for servers includes the right blend of remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, Back Office Services and Third Party bundled software options to provide licensed, efficient and cost-effective server management.

We have two distinct server management service plans, each targeted to suit specific service requirements.

Remote Server Care: The premium service offering. We work with our Critical Notification Team and the Remote Remediation Team. If your server goes down in the middle of the night, we’ll receive notification about it immediately and can start taking steps to get it back online. If it goes down in the middle of the day, we’ll know about it before you can pick up the phone to call us. We’ll also receive alerts when potential problems start to arise so we can solve them before they can cause you a headache. We also have access to a Remote Troubleshooting Team for service requests that involve issues outside of our best practice knowledge base.

Proactive Server Care: When you want to maintain best practice security and backups, but don’t need emergency services on call 24/7. We’ll keep a watchful eye on your server and apply relevant preventive maintenance as necessary. Anti-virus license management and configuration, critical updates, third party software support and data security – this option will keep you running efficiently and smoothly. And of course, our technicians are available in the event of a catastrophe.