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With customers across America, Viener4Gates is the choice for POS software and services. Our omni-channel solutions lead the market.
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We help retail businesses grow. That means a great point of sale package along with the consulting, advice and training that you need to be successful.

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Viener4Gates has the knowledge and experience to chart a clear path to your future. We have systems that are central to a well-thought-out business strategy. We work with the best companies in terms of commitment to the retail market and the driving force behind retail businesses globally.

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What is Omni-Channel Retail?

Omni-Channel Retail and Marketing

“Omni” means all. Your channels are the ways shoppers interact with your business. Thus, omni-channel retail delivers a seamless and consistent customer experience throughout your stores, online, on the radio, in direct mail and catalogs, and across other areas of customer engagement. The goal is to integrate these channels and make the shopping experience easy and consistent. Viener4Gates and NCR Counterpoint provide the necessary systems and software to successfully connect with customers across point of sale, inventory control, customer management, and marketing. If you want your business to evolve in the diversifying world of customer interaction, continue to read…

Why We Do What We Do

Viener4Gates loves small businesses. Companies that have the visionary force of the entrepreneur in the driver’s seat. Founder Wayne Viener comes from a long history of being in the retail environment.

Viener4Gates, NCR and FirstData have the tools that save you time, money and aggravation in the operation of your business.

We are certain that you did not go into business to become a paper-pushing accountant. You need a system that limits the non-revenue generating portion of your work day.

How We Do It

Locally-owned and operated, Viener4Gates leverages industry veterans to make sure your systems perform for your business.

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