Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018
For more than 25 years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has delivered the functionality, performance and ease of use that powers diverse business around the world.

New versions of GP will now be released annually in December with plans to incorporate features requested by GP users and partners. According to Microsoft, there isn’t any intention of building in large, brand new modules or functionality, only improving on the existing features.

Many of our customers are upgrading to get the best in payroll features. That is a good reason to have the latest software. There are still things that GP can do better and Microsoft is looking to hear from you to find out what those improvements could be.

Over half of the new features included in GP 2018 came from user suggestions. In order to share your suggestions, head to This will be more and more important as future releases are planned. If there’s something you think Dynamics GP should do, but doesn’t, send in your suggestion

As for Dynamics GP 2018, get ready to see improvements in the following areas:

As always, we don’t recommend you upgrade your system until the first service pack has been released. And make sure that your add-on’s are ready for the next version of Dynamics. If you have add-on products or ISVs (Greenshades, Mekorma, CheckFactory, etc.), you’ll need to make sure they’re compatible with the new release before you upgrade.

Dynamics GP Capabilities Guide 2018

Dynamics GP Capabilities Guide 2018

Connie’s View

It is still about debits and credits. Accounting is still accounting. So why should you stop what you are doing and upgrade to Great Plains 2018?
We get questions like this all the time, so here is a blanket answer that covers the features that you are going to get with GP2018. And remember, it I smore than accounting software –

Save Time – If we could promise you an extra hour a week, would you be interested? Microsoft Dynamics GP has a long proven history of product upgrades that deliver powerful features to improve daily operations and financial processes.

Drive Productivity – It has been over 17 years since Microsoft purchased Great Plains, and interoperability between with other Microsoft products and technologies gets faster, and gives more convenient access to information with every release. There are probably things you are doing “by hand” on the computer that the system can do for you.

Anywhere, Anytime Access – You don’t have to be in front of your computer to access Dynamics GP. The web client and companion apps run on any mobile platform. You can work from the office, on the road, or at home, and on a PC, tablet, or iPad. There are many ways to work remotely, talk to us about your plans to work from anywhere, all the time.
Here is the point by point on what is new:

Comprehensive Doc Attach – GP2018 will introduce next evolution, with comprehensive Doc Attach on most master record windows, inquiry windows and transaction entry windows.

User Experience Giving users easier and faster ways to get to and find the data they are looking for to make decisions based off the information stored in GP.

Optimize Financials & HR/Payroll Microsoft recognized the feedback from customers, and they have optimized your experience in GP2018.

Workflow With the release of GP2018, the capabilities of Workflow have been extended. In addition to new workflows such as GL account and purchase invoice, they’ve added workflow capabilities like copy step and reminder emails.